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Dr. Emily with mom and son on chiropractic table

Helping moms and their little ones experience Pain Relief in pregnancy, Easier Labor + Recovery  and Happier, Healthier kids

Whether it's addressing colic, constipation, reflux, developmental challenges or maternal discomforts, I'm here to provide specialized care for every stage 

of motherhood and childhood

Dr. Emily educating about the webster technique for pregnant women

I see you, mama.
I understand you, because I have walked alongside countless women like you! 

You are in the right place if:
- you are pregnant/postpartum and tired of dealing with low back, pelvic, hip, or round ligament pain
- pain is hindering your ability to keep up with your kids or household duties 
- you want to naturally support your body for an easier labor + recovery
- your child is struggling with common issues like colic, reflux, constipation, recurrent infections, delayed milestones, sleep issues or mood/behavior control issues 
- you want you and your family to be healthy and thrive, not just survive

Chiropractic Services For:

Dr. Emily, a female chiropractor who specializes in all stages of motherhood and childhood

Hi From Dr. Emily

Welcome! I'm Dr. Emily, owner and chiropractor here at Nurture Family Chiropractic. Drawing from my extensive education through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and expertise in the Webster Technique, I offer specialized care through pregnancy, postpartum, and childhood. 

Helping women and kids
experience relief during pregnancy, easier labor and recovery and happier, healthier kids is my absolute passion and purpose.

With a focus on supporting
whole body health, I understand the importance of addressing posture, muscle imbalances, growth + development, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle factors, beyond just adjustments. 

My goal is to help moms feel more comfortable
throughout their pregnancy and recovery, while supporting optimal growth and development of their littles. 

Because I get it, you just want your family to be happy and healthy
throughout all stages of life. 

"The level of care I receive at each appointment is top notch. She always makes me feel comfortable and is very skilled at what she does. Highly recommend Dr. Emily!"


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