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Meet Dr. Emily


Hi – I’m Dr. Emily, your go to provider for pregnancy, postpartum and pediatric chiropractic care.


My journey into this field began back in high school when I was active year-round in sports, dealing with occasional aches, pains and injuries. It was chiropractic care that brought me relief throughout the years. But it wasn’t until I faced a serious lower back injury during my last volleyball season that I truly grasped its power. I vividly remember through the last half of the season applying and RE-APPLYING bio freeze to my lower back between every set and at every time out, just trying to mask the pain. After the last match of the season, a sharp pain jolted through my lower back followed by uncontrollable muscle spasms, signaling something serious was wrong. Turns out, I had a fractured spine, a revelation that made me realize I had been ignoring warning signs for too long.

Traditional treatments never did sit well with me, so I turned back to chiropractic care, and girl, what a difference it made! With each treatment, my pain eased, and my muscles finally relaxed. I went from being in constant pain, to enjoying my normal activities again.


I always knew I was going to be a holistic doctor, there’s nothing I LOVE more than helping people feel better, but it was through these experiences that led me to my true calling, CHIROPRACTIC! 


Throughout my journey, I’ve learned that chiropractic care isn’t just about ensuring proper alignment of the spine – it’s about restoring normal function to the nervous system, allowing our bodies to heal naturally. Our bodies know how to heal! Armed with this knowledge, I pursued specialized training in pregnancy, postpartum and pediatric care, because let’s face it, the aches, pains and struggles women and kids experience during these times are far TOO COMMON to be brushed off as “NORMAL”. 


That’s why I’m here – to empower women to reclaim their joy during pregnancy and postpartum while supporting healthy growth and development of their children. Through specialized training I help moms and their littles experience relief during pregnancy, easier labor and recovery and happier, healthier kids.

Whether it’s addressing colic, constipation, reflux, developmental challenges, or maternal discomforts, I’m here to provide specialized care for every stage of motherhood and childhood. 


So, join me on this journey to holistic wellness, where we address the root cause of you and your families struggles and discomforts, not just the symptoms. Together, we’ll align your spine, free your nervous system, and let your body do what it does best – HEAL!

How can Dr. Emily serve your family?

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