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Welcome to Nurture Family Chiropractic!


My Approach

How I treat might not look like what you have experienced before… Perhaps you've already tried chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, or even experimented with ice or heat therapy, only to feel like "it didn't work." My approach to your health is about making lasting changes, NOT just about chasing symptoms


I offer expanded treatment sessions that allow for a thorough assessment and effective treatment, so you won't feel rushed in and out.  


I provide specialized care for pregnant and postpartum women, as well as babies and kids


Pregnancy and postpartum are transformative phases in a woman’s life, and are often accompanied by aches and pains commonly dismissed as “normal”. With expertise honed over the past few years in the Webster Technique, I offer gentle and specific adjustments that can effectively: 

  • Relieve these common discomforts

  • Balance the pelvis and supporting muscles and ligaments

  • Support your body’s natural ability to adapt to the changes of pregnancy + postpartum

  • Support your body for labor and delivery, and

  • Support the growth and development of baby


For babies and kids, finding a chiropractor with expertise and specialized training in pediatrics is essential. Recognizing the apprehension moms may feel about their child’s adjustment, my approach is gentle and specific, in fact, most babies sleep or play through their adjustment. Chiropractic care offers numerous benefits for healthy development and addresses various issues like:

  • colic, reflux, feeding difficulties, constipation 

  • sleep issues, milestone attainment

  • ear infections, recurrent infections

  • mood and behavior, and so much more


By starting care EARLY, we lay the foundation for lifelong health and wellness.  


Beyond adjustments, I take a holistic approach, addressing posture, muscle imbalances, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle factors. My unique approach recognizes that health is multi-faceted, encompassing not just your physicalwell-being, but also your mental/emotional and biochemical health. These three facets are interconnected, each influencing the others, and it's essential to address them all to achieve OPTIMAL wellness. 


By considering the full spectrum of health, I am seeing patients that have tried all the things, RELIEVE their decades of chronic low back pain and experience lasting results with making meaningful lifestyle changes. 


Enjoy Freedom from Insurance Dictation. My care is not influenced by insurance carries, allowing truly personalized care plans tailored to your needs, and created by an expert in nervous system and spinal health, not billing codes. 


It’s a team-based approach dedicated to supporting your family’s health journey through new phases of life, with personalized guidance on lifestyle modifications, nutrition, and exercises for long-term well- being. 


You’re INCHARGE of your family’s health. Let’s work together to ACHIEVE IT!

How can Dr. Emily serve your family?

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